Cleaning Up After a Natural Disater


Regardless the type of natural disaster, it is crucial that you take action immediately to protect yourself and your property.  Waiting too long can lead to further damages and threats and it is never a good idea to put yourself at risk while attempting the restoration process yourself. Leave this to us.


We are experts in disaster clean up. If you are experiencing damages due to a natural disaster, we can quickly respond to your call and begin the restoration process. With the combination of our highly trained and caring staff as well as our state-of-the-art equipment, we will take care of your home and leave you worry free.


Although we would never hope for a natural disaster, we are always prepared and ready to respond to a call. Rest assured that you are making the right choice by choosing us to help you.

  • Photos of Restoration Projects

  • Natural Disaster Frequently Asked Questions

    What can I do to stay safe?

    Attempt to safely shut off the water and if possible the electricity. If you cannot do so, contact your fire department for assistance.

    Do not enter any area where there is structural damage to the foundation or the ceiling.

    Do not walk into a flooded area if there are electrical cords on the ground or if the water level has reached any electrical outlets.

    Will my insurance cover this?

    Although this depends on your insurance provider, in most cases your insurance should help cover the restoration. Make sure to save your receipts.

    Will I require any permits?

    We will take care of all associated permits.

    How to prepare for a natural disaster?

    Cleaning products, especially ones containing chemicals and valuables should be stored away from areas that are susceptible to flooding such as basements and garages.