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MonsieurDrain provides quality, long-lasting work on any type of drain cleaning services.
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Monsieur Drain can handle any type of drain cleaning.

Drain Unclogging

Drain UncloggingMonsieur Drain is who you need to call for residential and commercial drain unclogging and repair. Our friendly, certified technicians will help you get to the bottom of your drain cleaning and unclogging needs. With professionally trained service people, you can trust Monsieur Drain with all of your plumbing and drain cleaning needs.

A clogged or damaged drain is not only a nuisance but can be a serious health risk to you, your family, and your neighbours. Any drain that does not evacuate properly must be dealt with promptly and efficiently. When the problem goes beyond hair blocking a drain or an obstruction that can be cleared with a plunger, we hope that you will consider leaving this dirty job to our years of training and experience. Monsieur Drain is your number one stop of blocked and slow drains.

Identifying which drain is clogged may seem to be simple and obvious but the cause of the block is very often not what you may suspect. Contact us today and leave the job to the professionals! A blockage in a toilet, tub, main drain, sink, or other fixture, all have unique properties that affect the actions needed to repair, which tools are required, and which methods should be employed to free the drain safely and without damage to your pipes and plumbing systems.

At Monsieur Drain, we have more than 25 years of experience in the plumbing trade. We consider our customers to be family in a long-term relationship with us. We have the experience, expertise, tools, and equipment to clean or repair drains! We are respectful, certified, clean, and professional. We are certified and active members of CMMTQ (Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec).

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Video camera inspection

video_camera_inspectionLook no further than mr drain for services performed as professionally as the very best.
We will inspect your drain with our high tech cameras and localize the issue.
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