Monsieur Drain Donates to Sun Youth

Monsieur Drain Donates to Sun Youth a fixed amount for each service call
By: John Symon –


Mr. Drain and the gang is getting into the holiday spirit by donating $10 to Sun Youth’s food bank for each service call received. Howard Cohen and partner David Kellner of Monsieur Drain also pledge to use their employees and equipment to help distribute Hanukkah food baskets for Sun Youth. “This is the first time that we’ve done this. As you get older, you see it’s important to help community,” says Cohen who is not really that old at age 45. “The Sun Youth Organization is a good cause…”

Cohen notes that his company was the first tenant to rent in a building owned by Sun Youth on Montée de Liesse in Ville St. Laurent and he feels a personal connection with the charity.

“We were first tenant to move in there, but I guess we caused a bandwagon effect. Now the whole building is rented. Perhaps we brought life to it, now the place is spruced up and the signage looks welcoming.”

Mr. Drain HQCohen says his company receives an average of four service calls a day, or about 120 calls a month, which could mean $1,200 a month for the charity. But Cohen is also considering throwing in an additional contribution to match the amount raised from service calls.

“My father always said that it is better to give than to receive,” adds Cohen.
He also has pledged to use company vehicles and staff to help distribute an estimated 120 Hanukkah food baskets to needy families. Hanukkah (also spelled “Chanukah”) is the Jewish the Festival of Lights and celebrated from Dec. 6—14 this year.

Sun Youth is a registered charity that operates out of the former Baron-Byng High-School on St. Urbain Street. In 1981, it opened the first food bank in Montreal. Its various programs help people in need including victims of major disasters affecting populations here and abroad.

Cohen has spent 26 years in the plumbing business. His company is described on its website as, “serving homeowners throughout Montreal, providing fast and efficient drain cleaning services. Our specialties include camera inspections, high pressure jet cleaning and excavations for burst water mains or collapsed drains.”

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